Isracann Biosciences announced that previously shipped genetics have cleared Israeli customs and are being raised as mother stock.

“The Israeli market will now have access to premium Canadian high THC genetics,” notes CEO Phil Floucault. “The three strains we shipped are called: Liberty Haze, Hell Monkey, and Grape Stomper. All three strains have received a positive response from consumers in Canada, and I am looking forward to being able to make them available to the Israeli market.”

The three strains sent were developed as part of United Greeneries’ “Grass Roots” genetics program, the goal of which is to produce novel high THC strains with commercially high yields. Currently being sold as premium cannabis flowers in Canada, the three strains represent some of the top-performing genetics in United Greeneries’ catalog. With the support of United Greeneries and Isracann, all three strains have been integrated into the Intelicanna facility and are being prepared as the initial Israeli mother stock.

Phil Floucault continues, “The planning and preparation by the teams in Canada and Israel made this genetics shipment happen smoothly. The growing teams are now fully engaged and working to expedite the process of scaling to full production. In the near term, Canadian quality cannabis will be grown in Israel and available to Israeli customers. Canadian genetics, Israeli grown.”

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