“Extracting the seeds from the cannabis flowers was a recurrent issue among our clients. We focused on this challenge and finally found a successful solution: the MS Seeds,” says Arnau Juscafresa, CEO of Master Products. The MS Seeds is a machine designed to separate and clean the seeds from the cannabis flowers in an easy and efficient way. The final purpose is to extract the seeds so they can be sown again, as they are taken in perfect condition, without being damaged. The flowers, therefore, are stored to be used for extractions. “It is the only cannabis deseeder on the market.”

An automated solution to separate the seeds from the flowers
Developing the machine, Master Products wanted a solution that did not damage the properties of the flowers and, above all, the structure and properties of the seeds. “Taking that into account, we worked as accurately as possible, and we finally achieved it. We designed a machine that extracts the seeds in perfect conditions, ready to be sown again.”

Arnau explains that by automatizing the process, growers save time and effort, two highly valued concepts. “The MS Seeds allows to separate the seeds from the flowers in a really easy way, and even more importantly, enables them to keep the most precious parts of the plant in perfect condition. Moreover, the machine is really easy to use, clean, and maintain.”

The most common question the company gets from interested growers is always focused on the process. “What happens to the seeds? And to the flowers? Once separated, can we reuse them? Yes, of course you can! In fact, that’s the strongest point of our machine, which makes it unique.”

35kg per hour
Although the machine seems really small, it can process up to 35 Kg per hour, which is the equivalent of 25 people in total. “As with many of our other machines, MS Seeds can be adapted according to different production requirements, making it bigger or smaller, depending on our customer’s needs. It is 100% customizable.”

According to Arnau, the machine has been a success from the moment it launched. “MS Seeds is the only deseeder on the market focused on processing cannabis flowers. It is made with stainless steel material, which is perfect for treating the product. It complies with the most demanding quality requirements and standards, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene for an optimal result of the treated product. We knew from the start that it would be successful, as many growers were asking for a machine with such specific features. And our deseeder has it all. We found a solution for a complex and manual process.”

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