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Jamie Tuinstra, Modine Heating:

"The need for proper HVAC continues to grow"

"While the cannabis industry continues to mature, the need for HVAC units grows to maintain the atmosphere. One of the most important tools needed is a heating solution. When temperatures begin to fall in the latter half of fall and early winter, commercial growing facilities will need heating units to create the optimal growing environment," says Jamie Tuinstra, Product Manager at Modine Manufacturing. In this article, Jamie gives some important tasks to provide the best heating environment for your grow house.

Finding the right unit heater
"While there is a plethora of heating units on the market, to provide the best heating environment, it’s important to find one that delivers your heating needs," Jamie says. "If efficiency is what you are looking for, choosing a high-efficiency unit heater is optimal. Some units on the market offer up to 97% thermal efficiency, which will dramatically lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Unit heaters are also easy to install thanks to their small, unique design. In many cases, these units can be hung up and out of the way to allow for more floor space. Some units, such as the Effinity unit heater, have energy-saving controls that will disable the gas to the burners if the temperature near the unit exceed 85 degrees. The main fan will then circulate the warm air down to the floor."

Choosing the right size
"Now that you’ve found the right solution, it’s important to find the right size. Having a unit that is properly sized can help with efficiency inside your grow facility. A unit that is too small for your facility can create longer heat cycles, which could ultimately put your plants at risk," Jamie explains. "A unit that is too large could result in short cycling because the space is heating up too fast. To find the right size, you must determine the desired temperature you’re trying to maintain, the size of the space and the regular temperature in the colder months. After that has been determined, contact a contractor to see what size unit you should purchase."

Preventative maintenance best practices
Once you’ve found the right unit and the right size, it’s important to develop a preventative maintenance plan that keeps your heating solution operating at optimal levels, Jamie explains. "This should include an inspection from a certified technician. As part of the inspection, there are several tasks the inspector should perform. Those include performing a visual inspection of the unit heaters to check for signs of wear, corrosion or damage; inspecting the combustion chamber and burner for dirt buildup, corrosion or damage; checking exhaust vents and flue systems for blockages, leaks or corrosion; inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion; and much more. Sticking with a preventative maintenance plan that keeps your system running efficiently and effectively is key to maintaining a great growing environment."

Keep the plants growing
According to Jamie, while the cannabis industry continues to mature, it will be paramount for grow facilities to have the best equipment that helps maintain the right environment. "From purchasing the right unit heater to developing a preventative maintenance plan, these tips will keep your plants growing in the coldest of months."

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