While construction continues on Parma Wellness Center LLC’s $1.3 million medical cannabis growing facility at 12795 Corporate Drive, the company recently agreed to annually donate funds to the city.

“The main idea was to make a donation to alleviate anybody’s fears that allowing such operations would have an increase in local drug use, illegal drug use and be a taxation on safety forces,” Parma Community Services Director Erik Tollerup said.

“The meat of this agreement is basically that Parma Wellness will do certain security and operational improvements to guarantee it’s a safe, secure, and nondescript facility that is cultivating cannabis.”

This includes an annual donation of $2,500 to the city’s special recreation fund, along with a maximum $50,000 annual donation to compensate for increased demands on city services. “They’re making a donation to make sure people understand the difference between medical cannabis and hard drugs,” Tollerup said.

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