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Michael Winer, GrowMax Water:

"When it comes to water treatment, cannabis growers have very specific requirements"

After a 20-year career in the water treatment and filtration industry, Michael Winer saw the need to design specific units to meet the needs of cannabis growers. “For many years, we installed water treatment systems for homes, restaurants, hotels, and light industrial applications in general,” says Michael. “However, cannabis growers have very specific requirements; they need a fast and efficient flow of quality water to mix with their nutrients. Many have limited space, and
they don’t like to waste water. With these specific needs in mind, we designed and engineered a complete line of four Garden Filtration
systems and four Garden Reverse Osmosis systems, each with varying flow rates and water purification capabilities.”

Water filtration systems for soil and hydroponic growing
Growmax Water Europe was officially founded in 2014, and has been providing clean water solutions to the rapidly-expanding Hydro/Grow industry for almost a decade. Developed primarily for the hobbyist
grower, they are now present in more than 800 retail shops and websites across 18 countries throughout Europe. In that time, growers have learned that clean, contaminant-free water is an essential part of their process.

While the garden filtration units remove chlorine, pesticides, and hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that may be present, the garden reverse osmosis units also eliminate up to 95% of
salts and heavy metals.

“Most cannabis growers know the importance of using clean, contaminant-free water in general, and when growing hydroponically, they prefer to start with an EC as close to zero as possible,” says Antoni Morey, Sales Manager for Growmax Water and a longtime grower himself. “Our Maxquarium unit, originally developed for the aquarium industry, incorporates RO + DI (deionization) technology to give growers absolute ZERO EC water. It has been one of our biggest sellers in Europe.”

“We know what growers need for their installations, and we’ve made everything readily available at a local level, with easy-to-install systems as well as Booster Pumps, UV Lamps, Tubing Kits, and more.”

Quality water for growers worldwide 
Over the last few years, GrowMax Water USA has turned their attention to the Home Gardening market in the United States. Knowing that fruits and vegetables are made up of 80-95% water, they’re educating the home gardener on how important it is to remove chlorine, VOCs, and pesticides before growing, picking, and serving those veggies at their dinner tables.

GrowMax Water Europe will be attending the Spannabis show in Barcelona March 10th-12th, where they will display their complete line of filtration systems, some new products, and commercial/industrial water treatment systems for larger professional MMJ operations. Stop by Stand #17 at the Main Pavillion.

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