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Ina Plastics S.A.’s new Double Tray System

Embracing change with new growing systems

In a world that is fast changing towards more sustainability, growers are embracing new growing systems much faster, and the same goes for Ina Plastics S.A. and their Double Tray System.

According to the company, the Double Tray System as a propagation tray is very easy to use, from sowing in the nursery to the transplanting stage in the field, making it simple for companies to improve their practices, produce better quality with higher yields in a variety of crops, and be environmentally responsible.

The system can be placed on either the T-rail system of the nursery or on tables/benches. The trays contribute significantly to the effort that a lot of companies make to replace traditional EPS (expanded Polystyrene trays) and be able to reduce the harmful impact to the plants (damaged root system, carrier of diseases in the nursery) and to the environment (low to no recyclability). At the same time, growers already using plastic trays are able to change easier to the Double Tray System.

The trays are made with materials that consist of more than 90% recycled mixed with the appropriate additives for each application and weather condition, such as sun radiation. Besides advantages like the quality of the root, faster growing, recyclability, etc., a key component of the trays lies in the aeration of the plants' thanks to the double tray design, where the air is able to flow between the top and bottom cells providing the ideal microclimate for plant growth.

"Sometimes changing the old ways is not easy, but we are glad to see growers wanting to improve and evolve, as we are ready to support them in every step. Not just by providing a range of trays for many different crops like vegetables, berries, herbs, tobacco, and others but also with our team of experts who are there to assist them. Our understanding of the field keeps evolving and with it our approach to horticulture, as we are now able to better use our knowledge to create new products," the company's statement concludes.

For more information:
Konstantinos Tsonakis, Sales Manager
Ina Plastics S.A.
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Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 5580126
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