Grasshopper Farms is making a big jump into Colorado.

The Michigan-based outdoor cannabis grower just announced it has opened a 48-acre farm in Pueblo. Up to 3,000 plants are already in the ground despite just closing on the property last month, according to the company, which plans to produce pre-rolled joints, plants for extraction, and smokeable flower.

Outdoor cannabis is still viewed as a tier below indoor flower thanks to the meticulous measures growers can take with indoor lighting, watering, and climate control. Grasshopper Farms CEO Will Bowden sees beauty in the flaws of a natural product, however, and he prefers the term "sun-grown" to "outdoor."

"Most of the outdoor we saw being advertised in Michigan was called 'outdoor flower' or not of great quality. This plant started outside, and it only went inside because of the illegality. This plant really thrives outside," Bowden says. "When we say 'premium sun-grown flower,' I'm not saying we're trying to compete against premium indoor flower. Indoor growers enjoy a very high degree of control, so that allows them to create something the way they want versus allowing Mother Nature to do its thing."