Local cannabis dispensaries report brisk business after the legalization of recreational marijuana went into effect on July 1. Both the Grow West Dispensary on Industrial Boulevard and The Apothecarium Dispensary of Cumberland on Beall Street had long lines on July 1 as customers aged 21 and up were able to purchase recreational cannabis legally for the first time.

According to the Maryland Cannabis Administration, purchases of medical and recreational cannabis totaled $10.4 million over the July 4 holiday weekend, more than doubling sales from the same period a year ago when cannabis for medical purposes only was sold.

“What came across was how enthusiastic all the people were,” said William Valois, CEO of Grow West. “They were willing to brave the long lines and put up with the heat and rain. We were excited to be able to serve them.”

Susan Valois, Grow West president, said the weekend business prior to Independence Day exceeded her expectations. “Well before we opened the doors on Saturday, the crowds of people began to arrive and line up as well as the cars for drive-thru,” she said. “It was such a historic moment for them to come and be able to make their first legal purchase of product.

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