We know how difficult it is to get and keep your cannabis growers license. So why risk it with fertilizers that have noncompliance and no clear labels?

That's why Plant Prod has developed Plant-Prod MJ™ specifically for the cannabis market. They are specially formulated for large-scale licensed producers of cannabis.

Consistent formulations that minimize risk & labor costs
"Plant-Prod cannabis fertilizers are homogenous blends and consistent from batch to batch. They are easy for operators to use, reducing the chance of error, which can be catastrophic. Plant-Prod MJ cannabis fertilizers are available in tubs, bags, and totes," the team explains.

Purity & consistency mean lower costs
"Plant-Prod MJ cannabis fertilizers are made from the best raw materials available in the world, constantly tested for purity, then milled and blended, unlike many fertilizers. This results in a pure, concentrated product with no filler. You get 100% of what you pay for, with no fillers left in the bottom of your tanks or clogging your irrigation lines, saving you the time and money to clean them out."

According to them, Instead of yellow leaves and small growth, you get bigger, denser buds and faster growth on a more consistent basis.

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