A flock of sheep have found themselves enjoying a slightly different diet this week after they devoured more than 600 pounds of cannabis.

The herd of unsuspecting herbivores was looking to satisfy their munchies when they inadvertently chomped down on a hefty stash of medical cannabis growing in a nearby greenhouse.

Near the town of Almyros in Thessaly, Greece, a greenhouse cultivating therapeutic marijuana became an unexpected diner for the animals as they grappled with the aftermath of Storm Daniel.

The storm resulted in Europe's highest-ever monthly precipitation. Relentless rain wreaked havoc across the central region, combining torrential downpours with landslides, crumbling roads and bridges, and crippling vital water supplies.

While looking to avoid flooding, the herd of sheep sought refuge in the greenhouse and simultaneously helped themselves to over 600 pounds of cannabis crops.

The bewildered shepherd watched as his flock began to exhibit what he called "strange behavior."

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