What’s the best business model for legal cannabis? The Vermont Growers Association unveiled principles they hope will help create a world-class industry in Green Mountain State.

Vermont’s legal cannabis market has been open now for just over a year. As it evolves, the Vermont Growers Association hopes to outline the guiding principles for the future of the market. “We kind of hold our pride to doing this the right way,” said Dusty Kenney of the Cambridge Cannabis Company.

They hope the principles will create the most economically viable industry possible. They touch on issues like racial justice, fair practices in pricing, helping those harmed by the criminalization of cannabis, and supporting the medical market. It also puts special emphasis on supporting the small, local growers in Vermont, something the Cannabis Retailers Association of Vermont supports, as well.

“I think that one of the things that makes Vermont special is our access to so many small cultivators and manufacturers and retailers, and this is really one of the things that makes it great here,” said Colleen McQuade of the Cannabis Retailers Association of Vermont.

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