Christina Lake Cannabis Corp. announced its fourth consecutive successful outdoor harvest.

"The 2023 harvest yielded more than 37,000 kg of dry outdoor flower and biomass. The flower and biomass are expected to be processed to create multiple product offerings such as flower, kief, hash, and distillate, all of which are highly sought-after ingredients that are critical components to the production of finished goods by our customers. These finished goods take the forms of packaged flower, vapes, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, hash, edibles, and beverages under many of the top brands in the Canadian cannabis market. To support the growing customer demand for diversified products, our cultivation team has continued to develop inhouse genetics through a breeding program that has led the company to be able to increase allocation towards high-quality outdoor flower, kief, and hash, expanding the product mix and improving CLCs ability to be a key supplier to top brands," the company says.

The company is actively processing the 2023 material into multiple product streams. With exciting new genetics, the Master Growers are busy prepping Mother Plants in anticipation of their 2024 outdoor grow season.

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