The big issue, for some, is now that cannabis is legal people don't currently have a way to safely get it. Virginia Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Distirct 30) explained what is currently legal for cannabis.

"Personal possession of cannabis of up to an ounce on one's person has been legal in Virginia now for a few years, for adults 21 and older. It's also legal to grow a limited number of plants for personal use for Virginians and it's legal to grow some cannabis and give it as a gift to an adult 21 or older, what's not yet legal is the regulated sale of tested products that are taxed and available to adults over 21 in the Commonwealth and it seems to me, and many Virginians that if cannabis is legal that you should be able to legally purchase it," Sen. Ebbin said.

Sen. Ebbin explained how people are getting cannabis, even though selling it is currently not legal.

"People are either getting it through the medical program if they have an ailment that someone written a doctor's certification that they need cannabis to best treat their ailment, or they can grow their own or they can purchase it on the black market, which is not legal, which is also potentially dangerous because the products they are buying aren't tested," Sen. Ebbin said.