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Partnership to supply medical cannabis to the German market

Genetia BioScience s.r.o., a cannabis biotech company located near Prague, and Lagom Pharmatech s.r.o., located in Plzen, Czech Republic, have recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with the German distributor MediCann UG located in Cologne (D).

This collaboration by Genetia BioScience and their long-term partner Lagom Pharmatech aims to provide the German market with a substantial supply of premium-grade medical cannabis products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genetia BioScience will supply Lagom Pharmatech with clean, invitro young plants with client-specific genetics. Lagom Pharmatech will provide MediCann with an impressive 6 tonnes per annum of premium medical cannabis products. This substantial quantity underscores Genetia's and Lagom's commitment to meeting the growing demand for high-quality medical cannabis in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Partnership detail
Genetia Biosciences is based within the dynamic ecosystem of InnoCrystal, this biotech company has been pushing clean production, breeding, and genetics development. Collaborating closely with academic institutions, Genetia sees itself at the forefront of advancements in plant sciences, cleantech, and best practices.

Lagom Pharmatech is a big licensed producer (LP) for the distribution of pharmaceuticals and the handling of narcotic drugs and preparations in Central Europe, specializing in the production and processing of premium, standardized medicinal substances derived from cannabis. The company boasts certifications of good manufacturing practice (EU-GMP) in the production of pharmaceutical substances, and it holds a license for cultivating cannabis plants for medicinal use. Their post-processing facilities, coupled with EU-GMP accreditation for chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis of cannabis constituents, exemplify their dedication to quality and safety in medical cannabis production.

MediCann is bridging the gap between traditional medicine and modern cannabis products with its medical expertise. The company is known for its commitment to providing medical professionals and patients with access to safe, effective, and exclusive medicinal cannabis. The partnership with Genetia BioScience and Lagom Pharmatech aligns with MediCann's mission to offer top-notch cannabis products to their clients that meet the stringent quality and safety standards required in the medical field.

Benefits for the German market
The exclusive agreement between Genetia BioScience, Lagom Pharmatech, and MediCann holds several potential benefits for the German market. First and foremost, it ensures a stable, standardized, and substantial supply of premium-grade medical cannabis products, addressing the increasing demand from healthcare professionals and patients seeking alternative therapeutic options.

Moreover, the collaboration is expected to contribute to the diversification of medical cannabis strains available in Germany, allowing healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans more effectively based on patient needs and conditions.

Regulatory compliance
Genetia BioScience, Lagom Pharmatech, and MediCann are committed to adhering to the strict regulatory frameworks governing the cultivation, processing, and distribution of medical cannabis in both the Czech Republic and Germany. This commitment to compliance ensures that all products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy, providing peace of mind for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

The exclusive distribution agreement between the three companies represents a significant step forward for the medical cannabis industry in Germany. By combining Genetia's expertise in the production of clean, healthy clones and Lagom's cultivation and processing skills with MediCann's distribution network and commitment to quality, the partnership is poised to make a positive impact on the accessibility and diversity of medical cannabis products in the German market. As the medical cannabis landscape continues to evolve, collaborations of this nature exemplify the industry's dedication to advancing patient care through innovative and high-quality therapeutic options.

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