The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is formed of a Horticultural Lighting Controls Technical Working Group that will advise and assist the DLC in accelerating the horticultural lighting industry’s transition to optimized energy and production practices through networked lighting solutions.

“We look forward to working with this new panel of expert industry advisors as we take the DLC’s horticultural program to the next step, expanding the role of connected and integrated lighting solutions that will enhance both energy use and crop production for CEA facilities,” says DLC Executive Director and CEO Christina Halfpenny.

The nine working group members appointed by the DLC include lighting manufacturers, lighting controls and sensor manufacturers, engineering/design/construction consultants, non-profits, researchers, and cultivators. Representing the interests of their respective industries, not individual companies, working group members will provide input on DLC horticultural lighting program updates, creation of resources, and related activities. More members, up to a total of 13, may be added to the group.

The DLC’s Horticultural Technical Requirements promote energy-efficient technology in CEA facilities, guiding the industry toward sustainable growth in concert with decarbonization efforts. LED fixtures on the Horticultural QPL are over 35 percent more effective than the next-best non-LED option.

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