Massachusetts set a new record for cannabis purchases in 2023, with December capping the year off as the best-ever sales month, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) said in a press release Tuesday.

Adult-use cannabis establishments in the state grossed more than $1.56 billion in sales last year, surpassing total gross sales in 2022 by $78 million and marking the sixth consecutive year of record-setting growth for the industry since the first legal sales of the substance began in 2018, the CCC said.

The sales figures are self-reported by retailers and recorded in the state’s mandatory seed-to-sale system. Sales for almost every month in 2023 surpassed sales from the same months in 2022, with December generating more than $140 million in purchases, according to the press release.

Adding to the record-breaking year, 2023 included the four highest cannabis sales months since the CCC started tracking data in 2018. And close to 100,000 people purchased a combined $225 million worth of cannabis for medical purposes, CCC said, once again surpassing the record for medical cannabis sales in the state in a single calendar year.