Jimmy Humm, the newly appointed executive director of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB), wants to uphold “the gold standard” regulations of the agency that are modeled after the state’s rigorous oversight of casinos, while looking at opportunities to cut back on overly burdensome regulations.

Humm was appointed to lead the regulatory agency by Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo in early December, after previously working in the Governor's Office of Economic Development and attorney general’s office. Former Executive Director Tyler Klimas, who was appointed by Democratic former Gov. Steve Sisolak and led the agency for its first four years, resigned in December to start a cannabis and hemp consulting business.

Humm, who touted his “pro-business” stance, said the legal cannabis industry is no longer in its infancy and that he wants to address industry professionals' pressing concerns regarding unlicensed operators and burdensome regulations. In an interview with The Nevada Independent last month, he said one difference will be a focus on new laws that passed during the 2023 legislative session, such as increased limits on how much cannabis someone can purchase in a day, allowing certain ex-offenders to return to cannabis workplaces, ending time and effort billing and capping fines at $20,000 per violation.

“Industry has already come to me with ideas and saying … how heavily regulated [the market] is,” Humm said. “These are the things that I want to look at with industry, potentially look to change at the next legislative session — but at the same time, we're bound by [state law].”

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