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Dinesh Dholliwar, Optic Foliar:

“Growers can now spray with the lights on, without any damage or burning”

"It is unique that all of our solutions can be used with the lights on, with no damage or burning," says Dinesh Dholliwar, Owner of Optic Foliar. The Canadian company makes foliar sprays, with the cannabis industry being a big part of their customer base. "Foliar sprays can immediately fix deficiencies and are commonly used to combat pests, mildew, and fungus. With Optic Foliar, we can maximize the overall benefits of foliar spraying, combine a range of solutions, and apply them safely with the lights on," Dinesh explains.

Gale Lawton and Dinesh Dholliwar of Optic Foliar at MJBizCon 2023

History of foliar spraying
According to Dinesh, the benefits of foliar spraying have been known for over 100 years. "Eusibe Gris, in 1844, used Iron to solve a deficiency in plants. These benefits were further demonstrated by Dr Tukey in the 1950s. However, the positives he achieved came with several negatives that restricted the use and true potential of foliar spraying. Yet many of today's companies still rely on the same old science and techniques," Dinesh says.

New science
Optic Foliar's products, however, are designed to get directly into the plant's leaf. "We can guarantee delivery into the Mesophyll layer, which is basically the factory of the plant," Dinesh says. "By getting the spray directly inside the plant's leaf, we guarantee results and allow our customers to spray lights on with no damage or burning. Furthermore, Optic Foliar provides several unique solutions for mold and pests that can be used at any stage of the growing cycle. This includes late flower, with no damage to buds, hairs, leaves or trichomes."

According to Dinesh, another benefit is that the products are faster and easier to apply. "Using our products, growers don't have to make any compromise on when it is applied, we make it easy to get thorough coverage, and there's no need to rinse our foliar solutions from your leaf. It makes the entire process much faster, easier, and with great results," Dinesh concludes.

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