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US (CA): Partnership formed to ensure accountability and transparency in seed-to-sale tracking

Accela®, a provider of cloud-based solutions for government, has announced a partnership with KIND Financial. "The KIND seed-to-sale solution is a technologically advanced, true cloud-based platform, now being offered to Accela customers to streamline the complex process of tracking the cannabis supply chain for any medical or recreational regulatory environment," the team with the company explains. 

Governments and businesses alike face significant legal and regulatory hurdles in navigating the emerging and evolving cannabis market. Successfully accounting for tracking product movement, data safety and ensuring product integrity are top concerns. Responding to these issues is especially important in light of reported system breaches, and market risks that come with vulnerable legacy systems.

"The integration of KIND into the Accela-led cannabis regulation ecosystem provides customers with support at every stage of the regulatory process — from licensing, to enforcement, patient registration, to "track and trace" — this intentionally-designed, prescriptive approach focuses on empowering safe and thriving communities, despite the new complexities found in cannabis regulation," they explain. 

"The partnership between Accela and KIND is based on a strong alignment centered on client needs and a new generation of capabilities they are requesting," said Greg Felix, Accela's Vice President of Strategic Solutions. "We are both committed to creating the most functionally advanced, flexible, cloud-based solutions to support state and local governments with new levels of integrated capabilities, data security, and workflow optimization associated with cannabis regulation."

"By partnering with Accela, we believe governments will now have an all-in-one, best-in-class cannabis solution built on the pillars of patient safety, diversion prevention, and tax collection," said KIND CEO David Dinenberg.

"With the inclusion of Accela's ecosystem, I am confident we will also supply high-level automation that will give back a lot of time to government teams for other tasks," said Dan Stofka, chief technology officer at KIND.

The solution provides additional protections and resource automation to meet the demands of businesses and governments for a more timely exchange of data. Blockchain, RFID, and other protected functionality are being utilized to provide new detail on tax collection, to stop product diversion and to protect patient safety.

"The new methods we are currently deploying for cannabis tracking will bring a new level of transparency, personalization, and user-friendly tools to government agencies that require the highest level track-and-trace functionality," Stofka said.

Accela's partnership with KIND comes on the heels of a renewed wave of collaboration between Accela and implementation, technology and industry partners to further enable success for Accela's customers and the citizens they serve amidst a rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape.

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