Adding independent and efficient crop growth to cannabis cultivation, saving on labor

“We’re expanding our facilities and solutions to the global market, especially in North America and Southeast Asia. As we now have farm references in the Middle East and South Korea, we’d love to speed up the process,” says Dan Park, General Manager at N.THING and Region Manager of APAC and North America.

Dan Park, General Manager at N.THING

POC Cube O6
N.THING’s prototype model for hemp consists of four container farms, called the ‘Cube O6’ as its project title. N.THING Cube is a standardized vertical farm inside a container. Dan explains that based on their experience with customized solutions for leafy greens growers, they can add that benefit to hemp cultivation. “We can maximize productivity while maintaining the environmental systems. As well as easily increasing modules, adding up to the flexibility of our company and systems. N.THING is a solution provider and we really live up to the promise by offering tailored solutions for any grower. As there are many requirements for cannabis cultivation, we can fill that need very much.”

Dan explains that with this model, they’re targeting six growth cycles per year, per container. “Conventional farming targets five cycles, so we wanted to increase that number. We can affect regular quantities and optimize what the customer is asking for with this POC model. Especially as there are many cannabis varieties, customers can test for themselves first and then optimize the growing envelope around it at a later stage.”

Removing pain points
“As on a regular basis, the quantity and quality is determined by the master grower, due to specific requirements, we want to make a balance from that dependency. We can offer an increase in produce by being more efficient through less labor. Our goals are to collect data and have the customer set the quality themselves, so they can optimize growth. I can see that cannabis is one of the crops we can provide our solution best to, imitating what the master grower is experiencing,” Dan notes.

The Californian breed can be grown everywhere with the N.THING cubes, whereas that normally is done in California, explains Dan. The four containers are a proper starting base, delivering high quality products and more productivity. One container retrieves 20kg of unprocessed cannabis, per cycle. Given the data collection during several researches, the N.THING team analyzed that one container allows for five to six growth cycles per year. If any problems occur, the N.THING team can jump in remotely and solve the issue.

“We are looking for a partner to invest in a facility, as we would like to have a consortium in the US market. Preferably, a company with an existing farm, using our CubeO6 as an expansion for R&D. The POC project would be about two years and we’d be very willing to invest into this for the right outcome,” Dan noted.

No need for education
The company will be launching their N.THING Cube for hemp in the worldwide market, a container-built farm, which is a hardware, software and services solution which is ready for expansion. The aim of the N.Cube is that anyone can operate it, without having an agricultural background. This removes barriers such as having a head grower on-site everyday. The software can pick up the right growing algorithms and use it to constantly improve growing conditions for the crops.

Targeting Southeast Asia
“We’ll be targeting Southeast Asia for strawberry and lettuce production. However, we’ll aim for cannabis growers in North America with our cannabis solutions.” As well as Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, since the government has legalized the regulations for medical and cosmetic marijuana. As of now, the company has received inquiries from Malaysia as they’re growing hemp already.

Selected by the South Korean government, N.THING is allowed to grow cannabis for cosmetic and medicinal purposes in Gyengbuk, a southern province in Korea, which is a Hemp Regulation Free Zone. As we’re now growing hemp and producing CBD oil, this is a good reference to enter the US market.

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