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"Solvent recovery system achieves 80% energy reduction"

Beaker & Wrench announced the launch of their Solvent Recovery System. This expansion to include solvent recovery equipment in their product line showcases their commitment to scientific innovation and meeting the needs of the cannabis extraction industry.

"We've mastered the distillation step with our 6'' and 12'' Wiped-Films," said Lilibel de la Puente, President, and Founder of Beaker & Wrench. "It's always been our intention to cover the entire extraction process, supporting our customers every step of the way. That's why we're so excited that our Solvent Recovery System is now available on the market."

Beaker & Wrench's Solvent Recovery System is a self-regulating automated system rated class I div 2 environment - a continuous feed/recovery system of up to 450 liters (120 gallons) of ethanol per hour and  <1% residual solvent in oil output. "Our goal was to continue to create the smallest footprint without sacrificing quality or throughput. Our new Solvent Recovery System results in approximately $5,000/month savings on electricity alone, less solvent onsight, and more output per square foot and per dollar," said Ace Shelander, Founder, CEO, and Head Engineer of Beaker & Wrench. 

"Our machine can provide significant energy savings, needs minimal support hardware, and rolls off the lift gate and through a standard door."

In stark contrast to the energy-heavy, extremely large machinery available elsewhere in the marketplace, Beaker & Wrench again has produced a superior product at a fraction of the normal footprint. Using the Beaker & Wrench Solvent Recovery System, your lab can reliably recover 5x the solvent using the same amount of power—with nearly 0% residual solvent left behind in the oil. 

"The patent-pending closed cycle heat pump distillation technology is membrane free, which means that it doesn't require a secondary process to remove a significant amount of residual solvent in the oil," said Shelander. "Our system achieves the same or better level of energy efficiency in a single compact unit and delivers oil with near 0% residual solvent in one step."

Delivered ready to use, the Solvent Recovery System is equipped with an Internet-enabled computer control interface that allows the user to fully control their machine from a single interface or even remotely. 

"Beaker & Wrench's Solvent Recovery System is a more energy-efficient machine with a smaller footprint that achieves both higher ease-of-use for busy professionals and purer output for the end-user."

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