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Arnau Juscafresa, Master Products:

“New trimmer processes large quantities of cannabis, while being EU-GMP compliant”

“The medical cannabis industry is increasing at exponential levels. Due to that fact, we had the desire to give an imminent solution to our customers: a trimmer designed to produce large quantities of product while being EU GMP compliant,” says Arnau Juscafresa, CEO of Master Products. The company has just released their newest machine: the MT Tumbler 800 MED. “It is designed with the innovative cutting system C-Tech technology, a concept that gives an ultra-precise cut of the flower, with minimum percentage of product damage. Thanks to its versatility, it allows changing from wet to dry trimming when desired by just changing the barrel. It is also fully stainless steel made, the most suitable material when processing the flowers for medical use.”

Creating a larger version
Arnau explains that the company had the aim of giving the same benefits their smaller trimmers offer but in bigger dimensions and production capacity. And above all, it had to be engineered to achieve EU GMP mandatory requirements. Quality and security should, of course, also be taken into account. “The MT Tumbler 800 MED is safe and secure for the operator thanks to all the features it offers, such as the security sensors, the stop emergency button, the led color indicator, and its protective front and sides covers, made of stainless steel. It is functional and versatile, easy to use and maintain, and quick to clean due to its free-tool system.”

The company recognized that many growers prefer dry trimming, whereas others are more used to wet trimming. “Therefore, the MT Tumbler 800 MED allows trimming in both systems, dry and wet, by just changing the barrel in a few seconds and without using any tools. Thanks to its 270cm effective cutting length, it can reach up to 60kg per hour of production when trimming wet and around 30kg per hour when trimming dry. So definitely a large volume of product.”

Further, one of the main goals was to have perfect results once flowers have been processed. “Not only in their structure but in their properties, which directly affects the condition of trichomes present on both flowers and sugar leaves. Therefore, the better the treated flowers are, the better preserved the trichomes and their properties are too. And the biggest of the Tumbler family reaches this condition with a perfect product treatment,” Arnau says.

Thanks to the speed regulator for the barrel and blades and the possibility to determine its inclination, growers can easily adjust the speed and period of time flowers are inside the barrel. “This offers a high adaptability of the product and, consequently, a perfect finish. Even when processing dry product, the result is optimal because of the gentle trimming technique. This fact, combined with the C-Tech system, a cutting technology which reproduces industrially the traditional cutting technique by using careful and specific movements of the static and rotative blades, helps to achieve the accurate and precise result,” he explains.

Solving common challenges
“One of the most common challenges we have noticed all medical producers want to solve, apart from the mandatory requirement of being EU GMP compliant, is to treat large amounts of batches maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency. The MT Tumbler 800 MED is designed to do so,” Arnau says. “It is engineered to join two machines in series and get an automated production line by just adding entry and exit conveyors belts. With a swap kit of critical parts - those that tend to get dirtiest because of the direct contact with the product and its resin, such as blades, tumbler, brush - operators can easily change any desired spare part in less than a minute.”

By producing large amounts of product in an efficient way, Arnau explains that using automated solutions reduces staff and production costs. “As mentioned, once the flowers are processed, the line can be increased with an entry conveyor belt, the Lift Conveyor, to elevate its automation and, finally, be sorted and ready to dispatch with the MS Sorter 500 MED, if desired. The result: a fully automated medical production system ready to process.”

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