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Emma Levine, Triminator:

An automated trimmer that can process wet and dry flower: "streamlines the process"

"From the early days of cannabis production, cultivators were challenged with finding ways of processing their harvests efficiently. As different countries and states within the US came on board with the legal cannabis market, cultivators sought ways to make the production process faster and more autonomous. Cannabis processing went from manual and time-consuming to a streamlined, automated process, significantly cutting the time from harvest to sale," explains Emma Levine, Marketing Coordinator at Triminator.

Within the ever-expanding industry, cultivators experiment with new technologies to find ways of delivering the highest quality cannabis products to their consumers, Emma explains. "After harvest, commercial growers will use machines and automation to expedite their production. Starting with a machine bucker or de-budder, the flower can go from one step to the next with ease. Following bucking, excess plant material is trimmed off to get the desired results for bud shape and consistency and to achieve the aesthetic of a sale-ready flower. Trimming can be performed with wet or dry flowers, and the best cannabis trimming machines will process both flowers of all moisture levels."

While hand-trimming had long been the standard for trimming cannabis, machines provide growers with more efficient and consistent results. "Hand trimming is often inconsistent, with
different workers producing varying results. Depending on the experience level of each worker, the flower could be trimmed too much or not enough," Emma says.

As hand-trimming cannabis has become less favorable over the years, various types and styles of machine trimmers have been developed. There are tumbler and batch-style trimmers, hand-held trimmers, and automated throughput trimmers.

"While there are some benefits to each type of trimmer, automated throughput trimmers yield the best results with quality and consistency and can keep up with commercial scale demand with ease," Emma says. "Automated throughput trimmers like the Triminator Hybrid use spinning blades to cut the flower. The Hybrid Trimmer features the revolutionary Flex-Knife, which presses against the blade, ensuring constant contact for an ultra-clean cut. This design allows the flower to spend less time in the machine, minimizing THC potency and loss."

Automated throughput trimmers are fast and efficient and have settings to adjust the trim quality to the cultivator's needs. "The Hybrid has variable speed controls to adjust the tumbler and blade depending on strain and moisture content. The trimmer can process both wet and dry flowers, so it is ideal for any moisture content from wet, semi-dry, and dry material, making it perfect for growers who want to streamline their trimming processing."

With numerous benefits to automated trimmers that can process wet and dry flowers, growers and processors alike are implementing updated trimming technology to improve the quality of product and efficiency of processing, Emma concludes. "These trimmers can process large quantities of cannabis quickly, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity."

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