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Can include a battery

Special solar panels can be used on greenhouse roofs and sides

Solar panels that include batteries are highly advantageous. That is according to Hermans Energy Solutions, which knows all about this. This Dutch company has made a name for itself with pre-insulated pipes, buffer tanks, and heat exchangers for the horticultural sector, among others.

It now also supplies solar panels for every greenhouse roof. The battery that comes with those panels can store excess power to be used another time. "Managing your energy this way is incredibly attractive, especially for greenhouse entrepreneurs. It's the start of a huge transition," says a company representative.

Hermans Technisolar has developed a solar panel, especially for the greenhouse horticultural sector. It replaces traditional glass panels one-to-one. The solar panels are suitable for greenhouse roofs and sides and can be fully customized. Non-standard panel sizes and rods are no problem.

Rik van Ogtrop of Hermans Technisolar with a customized solar panel for one of his customer's greenhouse roofs. It features white Tedlar with half-cut monocrystalline cells. Van Ogtrop: "The client and greenhouse determine the panel. We make everything to measure."

Director Rik van Ogtrop: "We've been supplying semi-transparent solar panels for, for example, atriums and walls of schools, commercial buildings, and off-grid use for years. We always saw these panels' advantages for greenhouse construction. The panels have a special frame."

"They're, thus, very easy to use on existing greenhouses. Also, the panels are made according to your wishes: size, cell investment, color, frame, etc. They, of course, have market-related capacities and warranty conditions. We've been doing this for over 30 years, so know what's going on," says Rik.

But that is not the end of it. The power these panels and the CHP generate can be stored in batteries Hermans now also supplies through its new branch, Hermans Technipower. It has smart control (feed-in, storage, or self-consumption). You use your own-generated energy, the power stored in the battery, and the grid's flexible prices optimally, so your energy costs are the lowest possible.

"Managing your power in this way is incredibly interesting to individuals and especially those in the greenhouse horticultural sector. There aren't only enormous financial benefits; this development greatly boosts the sustainability transition too. Our entire delivery program is set up to make an important contribution to that," Rik concludes.

Side view of the frame with a customizable lip; this one is 4mm.

For more information:
Hermans Technisolar
17 Weg en Bos, 2661 DG
Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 105 241 007
Email: [email protected]

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