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Tom Pankras,

“Specialized hemp seed drying is necessary for genetic development and preservation”

“The industrial hemp market is growing. In order to support this growth, hemp seeds of sufficient quality need to be available with the correct genetic makeup for the intended end purpose of the hemp plant. For the careful and important task of breeding seed genetics, we have specialized drying installations for small batches, with strict environmental control and energy-efficient drying techniques,” says Tom Pankras of According to Tom, hemp seeds for the industrial markets are produced in large volumes, with the demand expected to increase further. “Our space-efficient and efficient drying installations ensure correct drying of the hemp seeds.”

Tom explains that hemp seeds are relatively fragile in regards to heat and scalding. “To combat these issues, our installations are designed to allow for easy harvesting of the hemp seeds and a quick start to drying. We carefully monitor the variables during drying and ensure the temperature does not rise above 35 degrees Celsius, preventing oxidization of the nutritious hemp seed and retaining its renowned balance of essential oils, proteins, and fibers at optimal quality.”

Tailor-made’s drying installations are tailor-made for each situation. “It’s important for us to keep in mind what the processing line is and the intended end use. Box drying is a highly modular system utilizing height, width, and depth to create a large drying capacity with a small footprint. The boxes can be used to harvest directly. Once the first load of boxes is full, place them in front of the air distribution unit. Press start on the ABC software controller, and the drying process is immediately started,” Tom explains. “The heating and ventilating capacity is variable and programmed to dry as efficiently as possible. Each section of the air distribution unit can operate independently, allowing for staged loading and unloading of your complete drying installation while harvesting without any hiccups.”

The same goes for the drying containers. “These are used for harvesting directly in the field. Once one is full, the next one is placed under the feeder of the combine. The full container is placed in front of the exhaust valve of the first drying installation, and once ‘start’ is pressed on the ABC software controller, the drying does not stop until the desired end moisture content has been reached.”

Interested in learning more? The and teams will be attending the CB Expo Dortmund on September 15-16. Feel free to contact Tom Pankras ([email protected]) to schedule a meeting.

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