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Nick Abbingh, Cannabis-Drying:

“To provide flowers with optimal airflow, we utilize a bottom-up airflow"

Failing to dry cannabis properly is like tripping on the finish line, however, the financial consequences may be more serious than losing a race. “One of the first things I ask the grower is what segment they are aiming for,” says Nick Abbingh with Cannabis-Drying. That’s why the company has developed a top-down tray drying system for better air circulation. “This solution is especially suitable for medical cannabis growers, as this ensures a quick and consistent drying, which is a requirement in the medical market.” But could this solution be used by an adult-use grower?

Cannabis flowers are cannabis flowers, and while some methodologies may differ between the medical and the rec spaces, at the end of the day, we are dealing with the very same plant. However, there’s a reason why Nick asks that question to cannabis growers. “Our top-down drying is a very top-notch solution very appreciated by our medical cannabis customers. However, since you are placing flowers on a tray, gravity affects them, and they tend to flatten a little bit. This is definitely not an issue for medical cannabis growers, as the aesthetics of the flower matter only so much. On the other hand, adult-use cannabis growers put a lot of attention to presenting their flowers in the best and most attractive way possible, as they are also competing with other growers doing the same.”

Bottom-up airflow
To address the adult-use growers’ needs, Cannabis-Drying has developed a hang-drying solution that utilizes a technology that has been used in the potato space. “To provide flowers with optimal airflow, we utilize a bottom-up airflow,” Nick explains. “Rather than having airflow coming from the sides and potentially leaving wet areas within the flowers, we went for what we called a ‘Marylin Monroe’ effect. The air comes right from the bottom of the rack, covering the entirety of the flowers hung on top as if they were some smelly green Marylin Monroe,” Nick chuckles.

Nick continues to explain that all the materials used are GMP-grade. “If a grower is GMP certified, he needs to take the flowers to the drying room and then hang them on the racks because GMP regulations prohibit drying equipment to get into the cultivation room. However, if you are a rec grower, you can bring the rack in and harvest directly on that and finally put it back into the drying room.”

Thanks to the features of Cannabis-Drying’s hang-drying rack, Nick says that flowers dry within 7-10 days. “Of course, this may vary depending on the cultivar in question. What matters ultimately is to dry optimally, and that takes up to a few days. If we wanted, we could dry even faster by increasing the room temperature, for instance. That, however damages the product, so we always advise to keep the temp below 21 degrees Celsius.”

Nick also points out that cannabis drying has sound agreements with the material source and can rely on an automated factory that makes the price of the rack very competitive. “On average, our racks cost 1,000 euros each. It’s also important to mention that all our solutions can be customized and tailored to the needs of a grower. Bluntly put, our drying racks come in all shapes and sizes while keeping the prices at a very competitive level simultaneously.”

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