In June 2023, Richel Group and Agrotech Armenia organized Yerevan Greenhouse Forum, a significant event for the horticultural sector in Armenia. The conference focused on the future of high-tech greenhouses in the country, and it attracted a lot of participants, including local and international growers, investors, representatives of financial institutions, and governmental authorities. Thanks to the efforts of the participants, the conference was a great success, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovations that have the potential to transform the greenhouse industry in Armenia.

The first day of the conference featured speakers from well-known international companies such as Priva, Van Iperen, Rijk Zwaan, Svensson, Russel IPM, Lumiforte, Plastika Kritis, AgroSpace, Bioline Agrosciences, and Greenhouse Engineering. The speakers shared knowledge, and provided insights and professional expertise on the newest advances and technologies in the greenhouse sector. They exchanged ideas and showcased cutting-edge technologies and innovations that have the potential to transform the greenhouse industry in Armenia.

The second day of the conference was even more exciting, as participants had the opportunity to visit greenhouses equipped with some of the latest technologies. The first greenhouse was Rockberry LLC, an 11-hectare strawberry high-tech greenhouse equipped with hanging gutters and drip irrigation system, a heat storage tank, and a CO2 injection system as well as photoperiodic lighting and high-pressure fog misting system. Participants had a chance to see firsthand how the technologies were being used to optimize the growth and yield of strawberries.

The second greenhouse visited was Gevmik LLC, a 4-hectare rose greenhouse, also equipped with the latest technologies, including a drip irrigation system, heat storage tank and CO2 injection, high-pressure fog misting and screening systems, and so on. Participants were impressed with the level of sophistication and innovation used in the greenhouse, which helped growers to produce high-quality roses more efficiently.

The success of the conference can be attributed to the efforts of Richel Group and Agrotech Armenia, the quality of the speakers, and the enthusiasm of the participants. The Yerevan Greenhouse Forum has set a new standard for horticulture conferences in Armenia, and hopefully, it will continue to inspire innovation and progress in the industry.

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