A newly constructed state-of-the-art greenhouse facility, ancillary warehouse and processing facility and rooftop greenhouse is available in Valleyfield, Quebec (the “Property” or the “Offering”).

The Property is comprised of a +/-72.5 acre site currently improved with over 1,033,506 square feet of improvements, including a 578,022 square foot main greenhouse and an ancillary processing & warehouse building and rooftop greenhouse with 410,179 square feet of useable area. There is also excess land on the site which will allow for the construction of an additional 578,022 square foot greenhouse that can utilize the existing infrastructure, electrical plant, thermal plant and irrigation systems already on the site.

The Property was recently constructed (completed in 2020) for its intended use as a cannabis cultivation and production facility, but is well suited for the production and cultivation of a wide variety of general greenhouse agriculture crops. The large on-site warehouse and processing facility also provides potential owners of the Property with the rare ability to integrate all post-harvest, processing, packaging, warehousing and logistics activities at one location.

The Property is equipped with a fully integrated automation system by Priva. Automated systems include nutrient delivery and irrigation, lighting, climate and temperature control, misting, fans, greenhouse pressure, shading, dehumidification, heating and cooling and a state-of-the-art table growing system. The air exchange and filtration systems and water system for irrigation purposes both operate on closed loop systems which reduce waste, lower costs and ensure consistency and accuracy of greenhouse nutrient delivery and climate control.

The Property benefits from many additional improvements which help position it as a best-in-class indoor agriculture facility such as an on-site electrical substation serviced by Hydro Quebec, integrated natural gas supply connection through Energir, raw water, potable and sewer services from the municipality, a hot water storage tank and rainwater collection system which feeds into the irrigation water supply.

The Property benefits from a 75 MW connection to its transformer station in which there are two 25MW on-site electrical transformers for a total installed capacity of 50MW. The facility design allows for the installation of an additional 25MW transformer. The main transformers are serviced by two different transmission lines from Hydro Quebec for redundancy purposes, ensuring unrivaled consistency of service to owners of the Property. A preferential power contract is also in-place, which has qualified the Property for favorable electricity costs at Hydro Quebec’s LG Rate of $0.0346/kWh.

The Property is strategically located in Valleyfield, a short 35-minute drive outside of Montreal within an established industrial and agriculture zone. The site is located less than 2.5km from the Port of Valleyfield and enjoys unrivaled access to major regional highways, with connectively into Montreal and Eastern Canada, Ottawa, Toronto and into the northeastern United States. Owners of the Property will also enjoy access to Montreal’s robust local labour market.

The main greenhouse, electrical plant, irrigation systems and thermal plant are fully operational. The ancillary warehouse, office and rooftop greenhouse is nearly complete with some additional required construction work.

Those interested in receiving additional information about this offering should contact the advisor to receive additional information at:

BMO Capital Markets
100 King Street West, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M5X 1H3

Attention: Mike McIntosh
Bradley Harris