Multifan Greenhouse fans have been known for years for their robust character, easy installation and extremely long service life. The new generation also has low noise levels and improved energy efficiency. The new fan is up to 45% more energy-efficient and considerably more quiet, without compromising on performance. All this makes the Multifan Greenhouse Fan one of the most energy-efficient horizontal circulation fans worldwide.

More economical and more quiet
We have achieved impressive results with some subtle adjustments. In combination with a new, more efficient AC motor, the improved aerodynamic design yields up to 45% energy savings compared with the previous generation. What's more, the noise level has been significantly improved, thanks to a redesigned casing, new engine mounts, and an optimal motor-impeller combination. Your greenhouse employees will thank you for it.

3 versions for flexibility
The new generation of Greenhouse Fans is divided into 3 groups: the most energy-efficient 5,000 m3/h version, the more powerful 7,000 m3/h version and the extremely powerful 8,500 m3/h version. The range offers endless possibilities for new buildings and greenhouse renovations alike.

Easy installation
Air hoses are now even easier to attach, thanks to the specially developed casing. In addition, the fan has 4 mounting points at the top, further simplifying installation.

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