Ottawa Public Health is urging the placement of graphic warning labels on cannabis packages sold in Canada. They are advocating a ban on the use of certain words, such as "candy" or "candies," on cannabis packaging, along with the elimination of shapes and colors that may appeal to children.

But Richard Dufour, franchise owner of the Spiritleaf Crossroads, believes that the current packaging regulations are already restrictive enough, making it near impossible for young children to open the packages.

"The packages for cannabis, everything is designed so that you can't get in it," says Dufour. "The packaging that's on there, you don't see it until you've bought it. You don't actually get that until you've gone and bought this product. I've sold you on it already. I'm handing you a package. The package is nondescript, it's covered with information about what's in it, and in most cases, they're barely enough packaging."

Ottawa Public Health is recommending the inclusion of graphic health warnings, similar to those found on cigarette packages, on the packaging for dried and fresh cannabis.