In the 2000s, many greenhouses with steel gutters on them were built in the Netherlands. Over time, many of these gutters started to rust and after this, rot. HS Tuinbouw Service offers a new solution to tackle this problem, and last year it gained its first practical experience with it during renovation during the crop change at a sweet pepper greenhouse.

As a result of the gutters rotting, holes appear in the gutter. This causes a lot of condensation water to enter, leading to annoying leaks. The holes get bigger as time goes on, making the leaks more annoying and damaging.

There was no solution to that problem yet, the Naaldwijk-based greenhouse technology company pointed out. Until now, because HS Horticulture Service has developed a solution.

3 hectares done, 3 to go
Months of research and testing preceded putting the solution into practice. In a video, the company now shows how they managed to stop rust and leaks.

The video was made at a grower's location in Bleiswijk. There, HS Tuinbouw Service already renovated over 33,620m² spread over 42 gutters last December. "After 5 different project phases, gutters that were in very bad shape beforehand were as good as new again," says Bernard van Hest.

During the renovation, the specialists went through the following steps: removal of the old coating, degreasing the gutters, application of the white coating on the gutters, treatment of the inlet of the condensation gutter with a clear coating, and finally, completion and handover.

The result of this renovation pleased the customer so much that another 33,000m² will be renovated in the above manner during the upcoming crop rotation. "After implementing this next phase, the customer will again be able to grow under fresh and shiny gutters for years to come!"

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